Simple Vastu Tips for Furniture Arrangement

by Sunny Dodeja on May 13, 2024

Simple Vastu Tips for Furniture Arrangement  | Best bedroom | Every Home Deserves

In Indian culture, Vastu Shastra plays a significant role in creating a harmonious living space. This ancient science of architecture helps in aligning the energies of a home through strategic furniture placement. Here, we explore how to position key furniture pieces like beds, cupboards, study tables, dining tables, and shoe racks according to Vastu principles.

1. Southwest corner, best direction for Beds.

According to Vastu Shastra, the bed should be positioned in the southwest corner of the bedroom. This placement ensures stability and promotes peaceful sleep. The head of the bed should be towards the south or east, allowing your feet to point north or west when lying down. It is important to avoid placing the bed directly in line with the bedroom door. Additionally, ensure that there is no mirror reflecting the bed, as this is believed to cause unrest. It is also advisable to place the 2 to 3 cm ahead of the wall. It is advisable to keep at least some gap between the wall and the bed.

2. Southwest or West direction, best for wardrobes and cupboards.

Cupboards and wardrobes should be placed in the southwest or west direction of the bedroom. This position is considered to provide strength and stability. Ensure that the cupboard doors open towards the east or north to facilitate the positive flow of energy. Avoid positioning your cupboard in the northeast corner as it can block the flow of positive energy.

3. East or North facing, best direction for study table.

The study room is a space for learning and creativity, and the placement of the study table is crucial to maximize concentration and clarity. Position the study table facing east or north, as these directions are believed to enhance focus and memory retention. The wall in front of the desk should be clean and uncluttered to allow open thinking and reflection. It is beneficial to have a solid wall behind the study chair to provide support and stability. Keep the study area well-lit, ideally with natural light, to boost energy and productivity. Another option is that the table can be placed facing the room and the chair can be against the wall in case the wall has painting or decorations on it.

4. East or West part of the home, best direction for dining table.

The dining area is where family members gather to share meals and conversations, making its position important for nurturing relationships and health. The dining table should ideally be placed in the east or west part of the home. An east-facing dining table brings health benefits, while a west orientation enhances prosperity. The shape of the dining table is also significant; rectangular or square tables are preferred as they ensure equality.

5. West or Northwest Direction of the Entryway, best for shoe rack.

The right placement of the shoe rack is very important in the Indian value system. It should be placed in the west or northwest direction of the entryway. This positioning avoids the spread of negative energies into the home. Ensure that the shoe rack is not directly visible when entering the house as it can attract negative vibes. Additionally, the shoe rack should be organized and kept clean to maintain a flow of positive energy.

All in all, Vastu has been a part of the Indian tradition for generations, applying Vastu principles to furniture placement not only maximizes the aesthetic appeal of your home but also enhances the flow of positive energies. By considering these Vastu tips for your beds, cupboards, study tables, dining tables, and shoe racks, you can create a more peaceful and prosperous living environment.