Sign up and Accounts

How do I Sign up for Every Home Deserves?

I am unable to login to my account

Why do I need to provide an alternate mobile number?

Can I update my profile details?


How do I know if my location is serviceable?

My location is unserviceable, what can I do?

Location is unserviceable after order placement; what can I do?


What are the payment modes that are supported on EHD.

Can I purchase through Cash On delivery (COD)?

Can I pay online during delivery for Cash On delivery (COD) orders?

Amount is debited from my account, but the Order is not created?

Is there any additional charge to place Cash On delivery (COD) orders?

Does EHD save my payment details?

Cancellation and Modifications

How do I cancel my Order?

What is EHD cancellation policy? Is there any cancellation fee?

I am not getting the option to cancel the order on website, what do I do?

When will I get the refund after cancellation?

How can I modify my order?

Will there be a delay in delivery if I modify the order?

Can I change my delivery address after order placement?

Can I change my email or phone number after placing the order?

I have mistakenly placed an order for wrong size, can i modify the order?

Shipping and Tracking

How long does the delivery usually take?

How can I track my order?

My order is delayed, what do I do?

What does various Status display on my order mean?

How can I contact my delivery agent?

Will all the items in my order be shipped together?

My order status says delivered, but I haven’t gotten the order. What do I do?

My Order status says returned to source, what does it mean?

My Order is put on Hold, what do i do?

What are the shipping charges that i need to pay?

Does EHD deliver anywhere in India?

My Estimated delivery date keeps changing, why does this happen?

The delivery date is nearing, But the status still says confirmed. What do I do?

Can I get my order earlier?

What is AWB number?

Delivery and Installation

Can I schedule the delivery at a specified time?

Are there any installation charges that I need to pay post-delivery?

The delivery agent asked me for money for installation, what do I do?

When will the installation happen?

Will I need to place any request for the installation?

What if I want the installation to happen some other date and time?

What if the installation does not happen?

Can installation be done at a different location?

I received a damaged product, what do I do?

Return and Replacement

How can I Return/Replace an order?

Are there any charges for return or replacement?

After how long I will get the refund after returning the order.

What is EHD return/replacement policy?

Can I exchange/Replace the product I’ve ordered?

What is the mode of payment for refunds?

What is the pickup process for the return of my order?

Why has my return been put on hold despite the ‘No Questions Asked’ policy?

The policy timeline has lapsed. Can I return or replace the product?

Will the original discount be applicable if I replace/exchange the product?

Will the pickup of old item and delivery of new item happen at the same time?

Can I get an instant refund after returning the product?


I still haven’t gotten the refund, what do I do?

How long does a refund usually take?

Can I get a refund to a different account?

Can I get a refund in cash for COD orders in case of return?

My amount got debited but the order is not created, Will I get the refund automatically?